I am not going to share a shopping list in this post, I wanted to talk about something more important.

Don’t misunderstand, I LOVE Christmas! It is an amazing time to share and care about our family and friends but I don’t think that we can find happiness in a bottle of fragrance, a makeup palette or clothes. 

I would love to come back to the root of this word: “wishlist”. What are your wishes Beautiful?

I launched the free guide “Achieve all your goals and create your dream life: 6 exercises to build a meaningful life.” a couple of weeks ago because it is the perfect time to ask yourself these questions. We are about to end 2018. It is time to step back and think about the next steps differently. 

Please, make yourself comfy, take your favourite notebook, light a candle and answer the questions which are coming from the bottom of your heart lovely. We are about to see how far you have come and set a strategy which will allow you to achieve ALL your goals. I am SO excited, I hope you are as well!

Before you get started heading towards your dreams and targets, you need to know where you are starting from. You need to know your starting point.

How could you know where you want to go if you don’t know where you are at?

Stepping back is essential.

Even if you have experienced difficult moments of suffering, fear and worrying and you would rather forget them to make a fresh start, take the time to step back. You could be pleasantly surprised. It is a matter of mindset, and I can promise you that life always gives a lot of significant lessons through tough

moments. Don’t avoid them, embrace them.

Ready? Grab your pen and let’s go!

1. During the more challenging times this year, how did you show up? Are you happy with how you react? If not, how could you have handled differently? If yes, what did you uncover about you?

2. Did you step outside your comfort zone? If yes, when? How did you feel? What did you learn? If not, what is holding you back?

3. Did you love with all your heart? Were you fully present? If not, why? Where could you have been more present?

4. Were you positive? How could you have been more positive?

5. What did keep you from being happy? What could you do to change this situation?

6. Did you take time for self-care? How, what were your activities?

7. Have you been active every day? How could you find the joy in moving your body every day?

Discover the 5 next exercises to set up your heart-centred strategy. It is your welcome gift Beautiful! (You can sign up thanks to the form at the end of this post.)


1. Time to step back

2. Celebrate your highlights

3. Simplify your life

4. Set your new inspired goals

5. Goal mapping

6. Create your vision board

Doing all the exercises will help you to have a clear mind and to feel aligned with yourself. What do you dream to achieve? I wanted to talk about THIS wishlist. The most beautiful and important one.

What do I dream to achieve in 2019?

In 2017 I was travelling in campervan all around Australia with my hubby (we have done the entire Big loop, you can find all the vlogs on Youtube.). In 2018, I moved to Melbourne and studied to become the Life coach and yoga teacher I am now. I feel ready to move forward to help you and all the future Beautiful who will be a part of this community, more and more. I have a lot of amazing projects in mind! My wishlist:

  • Love more and more.
  • Continue to learn and grow.
  • Enjoy each moment.
  • Be amazed.
  • Live intensely and grasp the wonderful life opportunities. 
  • Be inspired and inspiring to make a difference in this world. 

And you? Comment and share your wishlist! (Don’t forget to sign up to receive your guide with the 5 next exercises which will help you to set your heart-centred strategy for 2019.)