Achieving your goals sounds impossible? It is because you need to go out of your comfort zone. Here are 3 powerful exercises which will help you achieve it!

First of all, your comfort zone is everything you do/think every day. It is a situation where you feel in control. Your life is “comfortable”. It could be alright but… you don’t think, you don’t make decisions.

The truth is: the longer you stay within your comfort zone, the less happy you tend to be.

Stepping outside of it is key to discovering your passion, accomplishing your goals, and finding happiness.

Take a notebook and a pen. It is time to get started!

  1. First exercise: become aware of it.

Before answering the questions below, I wanted to talk about 2 other zones : 

  • the learning zone wich surrounds the comfort zone: you overcome your fears and then you are in the learning zone. It will allow you to gather resources and knowledge to achieve your goals which are in…
  • the panic zone or magic zone like I prefer to call it. 

Here 4 questions you have to ask yourself :

  1. Is my life is in alignment with what I want to achieve in my life? 
  2. Am I living my life according to the society or judgement from others?
  3. When was the last time I have learnt something new?
  4. What challenges have I achieved recently?

Are you in your comfort zone? Did you forget why you get up every morning? When was you in your learning zone for the last time? Did you alreayd overcome your fears and dive into the magic zone?

Click here to discover how I stepped outside of my comfort. (If I never came back from the magic zone, it is because there is nothing risky, I promise!)  


  1. What does “going out of your comfort zone” mean to you?

  • If everything was possible, what would you really want to achieve in your life? How would you want to feel? (You can watch the video below to find your inspiration and be connected to your emotions.) 

Write whatever pops into your head.

  1. The power of visualization

Your comfort zone is surrounded by fears so it is crucial to set up a strategy to protect you from your “monster”: your inner mean voice. She will try to pull you down and you are not going to allow it!

Visualise your goals with a simple glance is so powerful. Are you ready?

The best exercise: create your vision board.

A vision board is a fantastic tool to stay positive and focused on your goals. Like the light of a beacon in the night it will guide you when you will have doubts.

How to create your vision board?

  1. Choose a cork or magnetic board.
  2. Print, cut out and stick pictures/words/sentences which represent your dream life. One rule: NO limit!
  3. Look at your vision board 5 to 10 minutes every morning and evening.

Every year I make my vision board and it works pretty well. It is a powerful tool and taking the time to make it will allow you to slow down and be connected to yourself. Turn on some music and be creative. Set up goals which make you feel full of joy and visualise them.

NO limit, everything is possible.

Feeling the most healthy than you have ever felt. Find your dream career. Enrol in the course you dream about. Create your own business. Become confident. Learn about self-love. Travel all around the world. Be yourself. Free yourself from others. Say NO. Say YES. Listen to your heart.

Have you ever heard about the law of attraction? This law is really simple. If I had to sum it up in one sentence:

“We are responsible of the life we are living.”

“The law of attraction” is the belief that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on. The results of positive thoughts are always positive consequences. The same holds true for negative thoughts always leading to bad outcomes. It is not crazy or magical, it is quite logical. It is a matter of mindset, energy and action!

I hope you enjoyed this blog posts and the exercises. Comment to let me know what you think about it. You can also send me an e-mail at !


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